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Board Aims

The Board


The Board consists of Members who have a genuine interest to help and assist the Co-op maintain the objectives of common ownership, maintain financial objectives of keeping the business viable and maintaining people with skills who are committed to the Co-op. The Board must also meet the Legal and Governance and Compliance regulations as set down by the Housing and Communities Agency and the Financial Conduct Authority. It is important that all members who offer themselves for Board membership have specific business skills and are prepared to attend training courses to acquire these skills, so that the Board can operate effectively and meet its various objectives. The Board may also co-opt members to fill any deficiencies or gaps in the Board. The Board will normally elect a Chair who will have a casting vote.

Members who wish to be part of the Board

In more recent times many The Board has realised that it is essential to have committed members who are willing to learn new skills and give up their time to attend board meetings. Although it is time consuming the work of the board helps enormously to the effective running of the Co-op and is part of the invaluable reference in making sensible and committed decisions for all members of the Co-op. Conflicts are not tolerated and every member wishing to become a board member must first sign the Code of Conduct and abide by the terms of that Code. If not, then that member will be asked to stand down and encouraged to attend relevant training to help him or her become an effective board member.

New opportunities

Over the years Board Members have gained invaluable skills and knowledge in learning how to contribute towards the operations of a Co-op and in particular a social housing Co-op. There are many diverse areas from which to acquire specific knowledge, for example, the preparation and drafting a business plan, a budget, a Profit/Loss Statement, maintenance and building construction, refurbishment plans, stock condition surveys, computing, a range of professional services, housing management systems, all the legal requirements related to managing a Housing Association and meeting all the compliance and governance objectives. Over time all Board Members acquire considerable business skills and commercial acumen which has led to many Board Members gaining enhanced employment as a result of their commitment to the Co-op.

The Co-op's aim is to provide well maintained affordable housing to its members and in return, with guidance, the members help to run the Co-operative which has evolved over many years due to past goodwill. Everyone who becomes a member owes a duty to those who follow and they should be proud for what has been achieved.