Nurturing a sense of community is key to the success of any collective group and for Arneway, this is no different. It is hoped that these guidelines will help to foster this important aspect of the Co-operative for all its members.


The Co-operative has flourished by providing housing & guidance to its members. Its success is dependent on the members following good conduct with goodwill.

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Including our members in the Co-operative ethos we guide and teach them how to contribute to the spirit of the community. It can be very rewarding to help fellow members, and as a direct result of involvement, self improvement, training and job opportunities can arise.

Resident Involvement

There are many formal & informal ways in which we welcome your involvement in our work. These include:

Local Scrutiny Panels that scrutinise and challenge and review how we deliver services in your local area. These panels are made up of residents who examine and comment on the services they receive from us.  


Local residents’ & tenant associations' provide a starting point for residents who want to get involved in decision-making processes.

Consultations regarding proposals, housing management, practices & policies.

We welcome suggestions on how services can be improved, including suggestions for greater resident involvement in managing our activities. To get involved, talk to your housing officer or send an email to Arneway Housing Co-operative Limited. 

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