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Here you will find out our policy to do with complaints. When there is an issue and you feel that it needs addressing you can call, email, message, post, WhatsApp or even pop into the office. Once an issue has been identified we will endeavour to resolve the problem. 


When something's gone wrong or we've let you down, your concerns will be dealt with honestly and quickly. Find out how to progress when a problem is not resolved.

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We aim to give you an excellent service & we want to know when you are unhappy with our service.

You can tell us about your complaint on the telephone, in writing, by email or with a visit.

Often an issue can easily be solved on the day that you raise it as a ‘quick fix’. If not, it will be treated as a complaint & given to an appropriate member of staff who will contact you to clarify the issue & agree how & when it will be resolved.


If you remain unhappy following our initial response you will have the opportunity to have your complaint reviewed by a manager who will have access to independent advice.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can then refer your complaint to the Independent Housing Ombudsman Service.

Please note the Ombudsman will only usually look at a resident complaint once it has been all the way through our complaint process.

Your housing officer can give you a copy of our complaints process. You can email here.