Below you can find information about the conduct that the Co-operative expects from every member. Useful information is listed indicating what you as a member and the Co-operative are held accountable for.  This covers your agreement, your rights & what happens if you need to complain.

The Tenancy Agreement is supplied with your offer and this must be read carefully. Download & read a sample Tenancy Agreement, which may differ from your own.

Anti-Social Behaviour should not be tolerated and every single report is dealt with seriously. Read more to get a better understanding of what it entails and what to expect.

The Co-operative has flourished by providing housing & guidance to its members. Its success is dependent on the members following good conduct with goodwill.

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When something's gone wrong or we've let you down, your concerns will be dealt with honestly and quickly. Find out how to progress when a problem is not resolved.

The Arneway Handbook should be read in conjunction with your Tenancy Agreement. Click below for a .pdf version of the Handbook. To return here, use your browser back button.

Arneway uses an out of hours service for reporting Anti-Social Behaviour. Call 0800 088 6699 to report issues of concern in your community, for free help and advice 8pm to 8am.

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As a member of the Co-operative, you have rights. These are listed in your Tenancy Agreement and Handbook whilst the more important elements are detailed here.

Every Housing Association has rules. The two most important rules are single occupancy & no sub-letting. Here you'll find out why & what other rules there are.

There are many aspects of security and some of them are listed here. For example, what to do if keys are lost or someone you don't know is knocking at your door.

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