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At some stage in your tenancy you might feel it is time to move home, for what ever reason, Below we have tried to detail information that you should consider when making a move. If you would like more advice on this subject contact your housing officer who is someone you can trust to advise you.

Moving Home

If you are considering moving home, it’s best be aware of your options. You can discuss these in detail with your housing officer, based on your own circumstances. 

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Moving Home

If you want to move home you can find out about your options by speaking to your housing officer.

If you are considering moving home then it’s best to consider all of your different options.


Below are the two most common ways to move home.

Please note: if you have breached your tenancy, including anti-social behaviour or rent arrears, you might not be able to move through these means. You should discuss your personal circumstances with your housing officer.

Applying for a transfer.

When you apply for a transfer you will be given a banding depending on your housing need & you will be able to view properties that you are eligible for at  To register, contact your housing officer who can send you more information.

Bands range from A (highest priority) to D. Your banding will depend on a number of things, including whether you have a medical condition. Your housing officer will make sure that your personal circumstances are taken into account. Depending on the property size you need & the areas you’ll consider moving to, if you are in band C or D it could take years before a transfer will be available.

One of the quickest ways to move is to find someone who wants to swap their property with yours. This is called a ‘mutual exchange’. It’s a particularly good option if you want or need to move to a larger property.

If you want to apply then the best place to start is a national mutual exchange website called HomeSwapper. It lists thousands of properties across London that are available for exchange. You can look at properties by price, area & number of bedrooms.


You can register for free at  


Also, speak to your housing officer who can advise you if there are any potential properties in the area you would like to move to.

We are committed to making best use of our homes, & will offer incentives to those who have spare bedroom(s) to encourage them to move to a smaller home. To find out what is available & if you would qualify, speak to your housing officer. 

Moving Home