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All of us have problems at one stage or another. Here we have tried to lay out information that you might find useful when dealing with issues related to you housing. It also advises you what to do in the event of a problem with your housing.


It is normal to have problems. In the event you have concerns regarding your tenancy or other please contact your Housing Officer, who is someone you can trust and will try to help.

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If you have a problem

Arneway will visor you in your home. Get to know you and can explain clearly what we can do to help if it is housing related issue. Arneway can help you sort out any issues in your home or with your tenancy, particularly things to do with your rent, repairs, your tenancy or any problems you are having in your home, we can give you information about other local, voluntary or statutory services which might be useful to you.


The Co-operative will answer questions when visiting you in your home, or via by email, text, post or by WhatsApp when you have registered with the office.


If you ring office and an officer is unavailable, you can always leave a message and the housing officer will get back to you as soon as they can within one working day, please always leave a number where they can get hold of you.

 Also, in the event you cannot reach the office there will be a message of someone to contact if you have an emergency, Dial 0208 965 5537.