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Saving money is easy to do but does require some effort. We have listed below some simple steps tp save money that you can then use for more interesting things.  Dependent on where you look on the Internet, turning off your microwave, TV and set-top box at the mains might save you £100 per year. 

Saving Money

It is good to be aware of tips & measures you can take to save money which otherwise would needlessly be spent. Here are some ways that might save you cash.

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Saving Money


Using heating & electricity effectively

Heating & hot water account for two thirds of your fuel bills. You can save money by taking a few sensible steps & changing the way you use appliances:


Turn down your central heating by one degree.


Turn off your heating when it is not needed at night or if you go out. In very cold weather, keep some heating on low to prevent frozen pipes.


Adjust your heating & hot-water controls to lower settings in the spring.


Look for draughts & block them e.g. fit a flap over your letter box, & put draught strips around door frames & window frames.


Be aware that electric fires & fan heaters are expensive to run.


Adjust your routine:


How often do you need hot water?

Can you lower the temperature of your hot water?


Which radiators do you need on?


Do you really need the heating on first thing in the morning if you are going out to work?

Do you need the heating on when you go to bed, or could you turn it off an hour or so beforehand?

Turn off lights, computers, & other appliances if you do not need them. Turning off a microwave or any other item you don't need can save money over the course of a year. 

Here are three important money saving websites you should become familiar with:

This link provides information to save money and make better deals.

This website deals with debt and provides other tools that you might find useful.

This website offers general advice on saving money and provide good links to other services you might find interesting.

Saving Money