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Here you will find links to countries that might have been home to you or your forebears, If you would like any links added please let is know.

Country Links



French Guiana














United Kingdom


Eritrea Portal

Eritrea      2      3

Eritrea Banks

Eritrea Colleges

Eritrea Government

Eritrea History

Eritrea Ministry of Information

Eritrea Museums

Eritrea Music Information

Eritrea NationsOnline.org

Eritrea Newspapers

Eritrea Politics

Eritrea President

Eritrea Research Institutes

Eritrea Schools

Eritrea Telephone Nos

Eritrea Universities




Ethiopia      2      3

Ethiopia Banks

Ethiopia Colleges

Ethiopia Colleges & Universities

Ethiopia Google

Ethiopia Government 

Ethiopia History

Ethiopia Museums

Ethiopia Music Information

Ethiopia NationsOnline.org

Ethiopia Newspapers

Ethiopia Politics

Ethiopia Schools

Ethiopia Telephone Nos

Ethiopia Television

Ethiopia Universities


French Guiana


French Guiana Portal

French Guiana       2

French Guinana Culture

French Guinana Geography

French Guiana Google

French Guiana Government

French Guinana Health

French Guiana History

French Guiana Mathematics

French Guiana NationsOnline.org

French Guiana Newspapers

French Guiana People

French Guianan Philosophy

French Guinana Religion

French Guiana Society

French Guinana Technology

French Guiana Telephone Numbers




Ghana Portal

Ghana      2      3

Ghana Banks

Ghana Buildings and Structures

Ghana Colleges

Ghana Communications

Ghana Culture

Ghana Economy

Ghana Education

Ghana Energy

Ghana Environment

Ghana Fauna

Ghana Google

Ghana Geography

Ghana Government Overview

Ghana Government 

Ghana Healthcare

Ghana History

Ghana Languages

Ghana Law

Gahan Media

Ghana Military

Ghana Museums

Ghana Music Information

Ghana NationsOnline.org

Ghana Newspapers

Ghana People

Ghana Politics

Ghana Politics Overview

Ghana Power Companies, Information

Ghana Radio

Ghana Religion

Ghana Research Institutes

Ghana Schools

Ghana Society

Ghana Sport

Ghana Telephone Nos

Ghana Television

Ghana Transport

Ghana Universities




India Portal

India       2      3

India Arts

India Assamese Wikipedia

India Bengali Wikipedia

India Bhojpuri WIkipedia

India Bishnupria Manipuri WIkiedia

India Banks

India Colleges

India Colleges of Theology

India Culture

India Demographics

India Economy

India Educational Organisations

India‎ Financial Services Companies

India Geography

India Google

India Government

India Government Overview Wikipedia

India Government

India Gujarati WIkipedia

India Hindi Wikipedia

India History

India Kannada Wikipedia

India Kashmiri Wikipedia

India Konkani Wikipedia

India Law Schools

India Maithili Wikipedia

India Malaylam Wikipedia

India Marathi WIkipedia

India Museums

India Music Information

India NationsOnline.org

India Nepali Wikipedia

India Newari WIkipedia

India Newspapers

India Odiya WIkipedia

India Ounjabi Wikipedia

India Onali Wikipedia

India Politics

India Politics Overview

India Power Companies, Information

India Radio

India Research Institutes

India Sanskrit Wikipedia

India Sindhi Wikipedia

India Schools

India Schools of Medicine

India Science & Technology

India Seminaries

India Tamil Wikipedia

India Telgu Wikipedia

India Tech Online.com  

India Technology

India Tulu WIkipedia

India Telephone Nos

India Television

India Theological Colleges

India Times

India Universities

India Urdu Wikipedia

India Water Companies, Information

India Wikipedia

India Yahoo!




Ireland Portal

Ireland     2      3      4       5  

Ireland Banks

Ireland Colleges

Ireland Department Stores 

Ireland Educational Organisations

Ireland Farmers Assocation

Ireland‎ Financial Services Companies

Ireland Google

Ireland Governement 

Ireland History

Ireland Law Schools

Ireland Media

Ireland‎ Museums

Ireland Music Information

Ireland NationsOnline.org

Ireland Newspapers

Ireland Political Parties

Ireland Politics

Ireland Power Companies, Information

Ireland Radio

Ireland Research Institutes

Ireland Schools

Ireland Schools of Medicine

Ireland Telephone Nos

Ireland Television

Ireland Universities

Ireland Wikipedia




Israel Portugal

Israel          3        

Israel Banks

Israel Colleges

Israel Colleges & Universities

Israel Colleges of Theology

Israel Culture

Israel Educational Organisations

Israel Financial Services Companies

Israel Google

Israel Government

Israel Museums

Israel Music Information

Israel NationsOnline.org

Israel Newspapers

Israel Power Companies, Information

Israel Radio

Israel Research Institutes

Israel Schools

Israel Schools of Medicine

Israel Seminaries

Israel Telephone Nos

Israel Television

Israel Theological Colleges

Israel Universities

Israel Wikipedia




Kosovo      2      3

Kosovo Government 

Kosovo History

Kosovo Law Schools

Kosovo Music Information

Kosovo Political Resources

Kosovo Politics

Kosovo Schools




Mexico Portal

Mexico Disambiguation

Mexico      2      3

Mexico Banks

Mexico City Wikipedia

Mexico Colleges

Mexico Department Stores 

Mexico Google

Mexico Government 

Mexico History

Mexico Law Schools

Mexico Media

Mexico Museums

Mexico Music Information

Mexico NationsOnline.org

Mexico Newspapers

Mexico Parties

Mexico Politics

Mexico Radio

Mexico Research Institutes

Mexico Schools

Mexico Schools of Medicine

Mexico Seminaries

Mexico States Politics pr

Mexico Telephone Nos

Mexico Television

Mexico Theological Colleges

Mexico Universities

Mexico Water Companies, Information

Mexico Wikipedia




Nigeria Portal

Nigeria      2      3

Nigeria Banks

Nigeria Colleges

Nigeria Colleges & Universities

Nigeria Google

Nigeria Government  

Nigeria History

Nigeria Language

Nigeria Museums

Nigeria Music Information

Nigeria NationsOnline.org

Nigeria Newspapers

Nigeria Political Parties

Nigeria Power Companies, Information

Nigeria Radio

Nigeria Research Institutes

Nigeria Schools

Nigeria Telephone Nos

Nigeria Television

Nigeria Universities




Portugal Portal

Portugal           3      4      5 

Portugal Banks

Portugal Colleges

Portugal Department Stores

Portugal Educational Organisations

Portugal Financial Services Companies

Portugal Google

Portugal Government 

Portugal History

Portugal Media pr

Portugal‎ Museums

Portugal Music Information

Portugal NationsOnline.org

Portugal Newspapers

Portugal Political Parties

Portugal Politics

Portugal Power Companies, Information

Portugal Radio

Portugal Research Institutes

Portugal Schools

Portugal Telephone Nos

Portugal Television

Portugal Universities

Portugal Wikipedia



Sudan Portal

Sudan      2          4

Sudan Banks

Sudan Colleges

Sudan Government 

Sudan History

Sudan Media

Sudan Museums

Sudan Music Information

Sudan NationsOnline.org

Sudan Newspapers

Sudan Political Parties

Sudan Politics

Sudan Research Institutes

Sudan Schools

Sudan Schools of Medicine

Sudan Telephone Nos

Sudan Universities

Sudan Wikipedia




Tanzania Portal

Tanzania      2       3

Tanzania‎ Banks

Tanzania Colleges

Tanzania Google

Tanzania Government 

Tanzania History

Tanzania‎ Museums

Tanzania Music Information

Tanzania NationsOnline.org

Tanzania Politics

Tanzania‎ Power Companies, Information

Tanzania‎ Schools

Tanzania Telephone Nos

Tanzania Universities




Uganda Portal

Uganda      2      3

Uganda Banks

Uganda Financial Services Companies

Uganda Google

Uganda Government 

Uganda Governments pr

Uganda Music Information

Uganda NationsOnline.org

Uganda Newspapers

Uganda Organisations

Uganda Political Parties

Uganda Research Institutes

Uganda Schools

Uganda Schools of Medicine

Uganda Telephone Nos

Uganda Television

Uganda Universities



United Kingdom


United Kingdom Portal

United Kingdom      2      3

United Kingdom Amazon

United Kingdom Archive      2

United Kingdom Archive, National

United Kingdom Banks

United Kingdom Bible Colleges

United Kingdom British Isles  

United KIngdom Business Services Co's 

United Kingdom Cabinet Office 

United Kingdom Cars

United Kingdom Charities 

United Kingdom Colleges

United Kingdom Colleges & Universities

United Kingdom Colleges HE

United Kingdom Companies

United Kingdom Computing Research

United Kingdom Department Stores  

United Kingdom Diplomacy

United Kingdom Education

United Kingdom Educational Organisations

United Kingdom Fashion Assocaition

United Kingdom FE Colleges

United Kingdom Financial Services Authority

United Kingdom Financial Services Companies

United Kingdom Google

United Kingdom GOV.UK 

United Kingdom Government Petitions

United Kingdom HE Colleges

United Kingdom Health Services

United Kingdom History

United Kingdom History Overview      2

United Kingdom History Online .ac.uk 

United Kingdom HO Hydrographic Office

United Kingdom Huffington Post

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

United Kingdom Information Services

United Kingdom Institutions

United Kingdom Law      2

United Kingdom Law Schools

United Kingdom Learned Societies 

United Kingdom Legislation 

United Kingdom Libraries

United Kingdom Local Government

United Kingdom Magazines Mediauk       2

United Kingdom Media

United Kingdom Military

United Kingdom Ministries

United Kingdom Monarchy

United Kingdom Museums

United Kingdom National Archive 

United Kingdom Music Information

United Kingdom National Information

United Kingdom NationsOnline.org

United Kingdom Newspapers Mediauk      2

United Kingdom Newspapers

United Kingdom Non-Governmental Organisation

United Kingdom People

United Kingdom People by Occupation

United Kingdom Petitions Government

United Kingdom Police      2

United Kingdom Politcal Media

United Kingdom Political History      2

United Kingdom Political Parties

United Kingdom Politics

United Kingdom Politics Overview      2

United Kingdom Power Companies, Information

United Kingdom Prime Ministers       2       3 

United Kingdom Public Schools  

United Kingdom Radio

United Kingdom Radio

United Kingdom Radio mediauk 2

United Kingdom Research Councils

United Kingdom Research Institutes

United Kingdom Schools

United Kingdom Schools List      2

United Kingdom Seminaries

United Kingdom Sport

United Kingdom Stamps      2

United Kingdom Statue Law 

United Kingdom Student Finance

United Kingdom Telephone Numbers 

United Kingdom Television Channels 

United Kingdom Television Mediauk      2

United Kingdom Television

United Kingdom Textile Assocaition

United Kingdom The Huffington Post

United Kingdom Theological Colleges

United Kingdom Tour Blue Badge Guides       2 

United Kingdom Toys

United Kingdom Trade Exhibitions       2

United Kingdom Trades Unions

United Kingdom Transport

United Kingdom Travel

United Kingdom TV Channels

United Kingdom TV Mediauk       2

United Kingdom Unions pr

United Kingdom Unistats  

United Kingdom Universities

United Kingdom Universities

United Kingdom Water Companies, Information

United Kingdom Web Archive  

United Kingdom Web Directories

United Kingdom Wikipedia

United Kingdom Yahoo!

Additional links can be found at the TheAlphaWeb