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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I apply to Arneway Housing Co-operative Limited for a home to live in?

A. You must be residing in the London Borough of Brent for minimum of 2 years; you be registered with Brent Council's LOCATA housing waiting list; and you must be single and have no children or partner.

A. What should I be aware of when I am offered and I accept a home from the Co-op?

Q. Please always ensure you read your Tenancy Agreement carefully before signing the document and do not lose the document. It is a legal document and there are important conditions attached to the Agreement that effect your Tenancy. If you are unsure contact the Office and it will be explained to you.


Q. I don’t know how to turn off the gas / water or electricity, what should I do? 

A. This should have been explained to you when you moved in. If you need reminding please contact the office on 0208 965 5537 and we will be able to assist.


Q. I am having difficulty with paying rent, what do I do?

A. You must advise your housing officer. Please read the section Financial Hardship in the problems section. Communicating with is essential or you risk losing your home.


Q. Someone near me is being anti-social, what should I do?

A. If someone is causing a nuisance or disturbance and you think it is anti-social, please read our policies toward anti-social behaviour in the Day to Day section in Renting and also under the Problems heading in the same section.


Q. Where can I find an up to date version of the Tenant’s Handbook?

A. The most up to date version of the Handbook appears in the Renting section and links to a .pdf copy.


Q. Somethings gone wrong, who can help me?

A. If you need help or want to complain about something you think the Co-op is responsible for please contact the office on 0208 965 5537, you can also read information about these options in the Renting section under the heading problems.


Q. Who is Respect Line?

A. Respect Line is an out of office hours responder engaged by the Co-op to assist you in the event of a problem you encounter after 5pm and before 9am every day, they are also you first port of call for assistance if you need assistance between 5pm Friday to 9am Monday. 0800 075 66 99


Q. I want to have friend to share my home, can I?

A. This is prohibited under the terms of your Tenancy Agreement. It will cause you serious problems if you allow anyone else to share you home. Please read carefully the sections in Conduct titled Rules. If you share your home you put all members of the Co-op at risk. We will always issues a Notice to Quit when we find occurrences of multiple occupancy or sub-letting.


Q. I lost my keys, what do I do?

A. Please reading the link under the heading security in the problems section of Renting on this website.


Q. Something is broken / not working correctly, what should I do.

A. Refer to the repair link on the problems page in the renting section, it will explain who is responsible for what, please contact the office if you are unsure. 0208 965 5537.


Q. Who should check my smoke alarm / carbon monoxide monitor. 

A. You are responsible for checking and maintaining your smoke alarm.


Q. When drying clothes is it OK to place them on a radiator.

A. No, this will increase the moisture in the air in your home and may lead to condensation and the growth of of mould spores, creating an unhealthy environment for you and those living near you. Read more in the Problem Section under the heading Condensation.


Q. What should I expect when it comes time to move out?

A. You will be expected to return your property in the condition you received the property when granted a Tenancy. The Co-op have the right to seek compensation from you if you have damaged the property on your departure.

If you think of anything that you think might help others, send us the question and we might add it here for others. Thank you for talking time to read this website.