How do I apply?

Applying for an Arneway home

Applying for a home from Arneway


Arneway's mission is to provide housing for single homeless people from the Borough of Brent in north west London. To apply for a home you must be registered in the Borough and specifically registered on the LOCATA system

It is important to note the following directly from the LOCATA Brent Website:

"Brent Housing Options gives you the information you need so you can make the right choices. There are great pressures on housing in Brent, with limited supply and considerable demand. Realistically, many applicants will not be helped with social housing. However, these pages will give you other options to consider that could improve your housing situation".

If you fulfil the criteria of LOCATA you must complete an Arneway Housing Association Limited application form, it is essential. That you read the entire form carefully as it is a legally enforceable document. If you require assistance completing the form please contact the office (0208 965 5537) and seek support.

Brent Council have listed two sites that offer free, unbiased advice that you might find useful.

Before you complete the Arneway Application Form please be aware there is a Legal Declaration. You should be aware that making a false declaration is illegal and your application will be automatically invalid. If the Co-operative find that you have mis-led the Allocations Committee, then you will be asked to leave the Co-operative immediately & you will be EVICTED from your property without any appeal. Also, it is a legal offence to make a false statement on a legal document, and may result in a CRIMINAL CONVICTION, which will cause you severe problems.