Arneway Housing Co-op  Minutes of General Meeting- 3rd of November – Teams Apologies Peter Akanbi, Shakira Mantell, Violet Taylor, Andrea Brown, Carolla Stewart, Alain Guoro, Khalid O’Briene, Misrake Ketemea, Elsa Gegremarian, Jackie Wilson, CherryAnn Brown, Sharon Zax, Jennifer Stewart, , Date of Meeting: 3rd of November- Teams   Venue: Online -Teams meeting In attendance: Duncan Aitkins (HSM), Judith Mascarenhas (MTC Co-ord), Salina Sandhu (Chair), Izzy Olszewska (Secretary), Joel Adewale (ViceChair), Pat Mahoney, Yemane Testfaldet, Isaac Mensah, Don Carreras, Marlene Soutar, Alexandra Coeln, Rohan Scott, Christopher Doody, Tom Driscoll, Mercedes Fernandez, Muzit Tetteh, Daniel Modeste, Ismail Yasin, Ernesto Mormile, Noel Prendergast, Ben Hunt (guest)  Action Points              
Introduction: The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.   Apologies:     Minutes of the Previous General Meeting were circulated previously and agreed without amendment   4.0 Inspection of properties Inspection of properties has been going well with no major issues being found. Judith reminded tenants that properties need to be painted every five years as part of the tenancy agreement. There was a tenant who was evicted due to cluttering, beams had weakened due to clutter. There has been an issue with some people subletting, Judith showed neighbours a picture of the tenant to neighbours who did know who they were The same tenant was also fraudulently claiming housing benefit Part of the new application will include a DSB check- Action   Reporting of UC issues  Judith announced that the Brent Hub is operating at the design works both on Monday and Wednesday from 10.30am – 5.30pm. Queuing starts at 8.30am where you are given a number. The HUB is extremely helpful for those wishing to claim UC.   6.0 Decarbonisation   Arneway will not fit any more gas boilers. They will be eased out. Grants are being given out to help make properties more efficient Arneway is in the process of applying One option for gas boilers is for hydrogen to go through pipes instead The second option is a heat pump that sits outside the property. Heat pumps use less electricity and work by producing high-temperature vapour. In the summer, cool air is pumped through the properties. The air pump option is cheaper than traditional boilers EPCs were carried out for all properties last year. Properties with the lowest rating are the ones that will go forward for grant Arneway has applied for the grant as part of a consortium of 100 properties to be able to apply. Arneway is the project leader. Properties have been selected for the grant based on their EPC rating. Judith will send out a questionnaire to Arneway members which will help us with the grant- Action Disruption will be minimal as the work is likely to be carried out outside Judith will submit the application on the 9th of November. We will most likely find out the results in January Daniel asked where the pump will be located. Judith confirmed they will be located outside of the property Judith will also try to get properties solar panels this is part of the application. Any excess electricity can be sold back to the grid.    7.0 Gas and Electricity meter installation    Judith is encouraging tenants to move to a smart metre A smart metre includes a reader this can help tenants pinpoint where most electricity is being used. Daniel asked if Arneway will cover repair costs of damage caused by heat pump installation. Judith confirmed they will.    8.0 Garden maintenance     The issue of gardens not being maintained is still ongoing. Judith recommended that tenants get a green bin for garden waste, which is collected monthly for a small fee.   9.0 Christmas party    Judith has reminded people to send their menu preferences by 3rd of December     10.0 Translation of the ASB Respect line  The Respect Line allows residents to report anti-social behaviour when the Arneway office is closed. The service costs £1 per property per year- £65 in total for Arneway. In the case of ASB, tenants can leave a note in the app and forward it to the team. The team can also contact the police on the tenant’s behalf. ASB also does welfare calls, especially over the festive period. ASB app service covers small co-ops to large housing associations. Possibility of using the ASB app for reporting repairs and submitting photos. ASB offers a monthly training session. Each month has a different topic November’s topic is mental health which lasts two hours. Ben has invited Arneway members The app can be translated into different languages for tenants who do not speak English. The app is being translated into Polish and Welsh Translation will take one hour by a translator and will be paid for by the company.     11.0 A.O. B    None arising      The meeting closed at 20.30pm   Signed ………………………………………………………………     Date…………………………………………………………………..         ————————————————————————————————    1.Introduction 2 Apologies   3 Previous minutes     4 Property inspections                         5.0 Reporting UC issues         6.0 Decarbonisation                                                   7.0 Electricity & gas metres               8.0 Garden maintenance           9.0 Christmas party       10 Translation of ASB app                                   11 A.O.B