The Co-operative has rules that must be followed by all residents. The one of the two most important rules are, NO MULTIPLE OCCUPANCY. Arneway ONLY houses SINGLE HOMELESS PEOPLE who have registered with LOCATA in Brent. Rules are listed in your Tenancy Agreement and your Handbook. 



Every Housing Association has rules, The two most important rules are single occupancy & no sub-letting. Here you'll find out why & what other rules there are.

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Rules about your tenancy

The tenancy agreement you have signed is a contract between you and the Arneway Housing Co-operative. It contains a range of rights and responsibilities, many of which are described in both the Handbook and the Tenancy Agreement.

The tenancy is on a week by week basis as stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement.

Any plans to do major work to your home will be discussed and your comments considered.

Whenever your home is renovated, choices on colours and layout will be offered.

Money may be set aside annually to improve your living environment and it is Arneway's intention to use this meaningfully for its members.

Each member's home will be visited at least once a year with notice.

Please read the Tenancy Agreement carefully to ensure your responsibilities as a tenant and our responsibilities as your landlord are clear and fully understood.

Contravention of the Housing Co-operative's strict rules on SINGLE OCCUPANCY and/or SUBLETTING will result in the issue of a NTQ (Notice to Quit) further resulting in EVICTION. Courts will be requested to issue a possession order where tenancy conditions have seriously and persistently been broken, eg. failure to pay rent or causing extreme nuisance to your neighbours.


All properties are pet free & should remain so during the tenancy.


Any damage to the property will leave the tenant liable for remedy. Failure to remedy the situation will result in a court order being obtained to seek tenant eviction and/or financial redress.


Arneway will always attempt to resolve problems without having to take legal action. However, legal action will be taken where tenants do not co-operate or break agreements.

Legal action will be taken to repossess your home if the tenant is no longer living in it or found to be illegally subletting to a third party. A Court Order for possession of the home will be obtained and all related costs, plus interest will be reclaimed from the tenant.