How do I report a repair being required or a breakage

Sometimes things wear out or need repairing. Reading this page allows you to understand who is responsible for what, is it you or is it the Co-op. When in doubt contact the office to determine if we can help. In addition contact the office if you need an adaptation of your home due to a medical need.

If you're concerned about something that is not working properly or broken, click here to learn if we can help or whether it is something you will need to fix yourself.

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As a Co-operative, we are responsible for carrying out certain repairs but we also expect you to look after your home & do your best to keep it in good condition.

Please send photos or videos via WhatsApp when reporting repairs, you can also notify us via this form if you need to.

How do I you request a repair?

You can contact your housing officer during normal working hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) and they will arrange a repair appointment for you.

Call Arneway

Dial 0208 965 5537




Emergency repairs outside office hours?

See below for examples of repairs which are considered emergencies If your repair is not an emergency, you should wait until the office is open to report it to your housing officer.

However, if an emergency occurs outside of office hours, to gain access to the duty officer: 

Call Arneway

Dial 0208 965 5537

When you report an emergency repair we aim to get someone to you within four hours & make the problem safe within 24 hours. Sometimes we might need to come back to complete carry out further work after it is made safe.

What sort of repairs are an ‘emergency’?

Emergency repairs are ones which pose an immediate risk to life or property, that is, to your health & safety and/or the health & safety of your family, neighbours or others in or around your home, or to the property itself (including communal areas).


Examples of emergency repairs include:


Complete electrical failure or electrical failure in a kitchen/bathroom.

Serious leaks that will cause significant property damage if left unfixed.

Serious damage to an external door which means that your home is not secure. Gas safety inspections.


Once a year, by law, we have to carry out an inspection of all the gas appliances we’ve installed in your home. These inspections are vital for your safety. They make sure that appliances are safe to use & are working correctly & efficiently.

Also, during the gas safety inspection a cursory asset inspection can take place. making note of damages & property condition, this may or may not replace annual property inspections that should be expected as a matter of course during any tenancy. We will try to organise this at a time which is good for you, but you must give us access to your home to complete the checks. If you don’t, we may need to apply to court to enter your home.


There may be other times when it is essential for us to access your home to carry out inspections or repairs. We will give you notice of this, but it is a condition of your tenancy that you give us access & we can take legal action to enforce this, if necessary.

Repairs we are responsible for:

Who is responsible for the repair?

To ensure we meet legal responsibilities Arneway Housing Co-operative Limited must: Keep the exterior of the building (e.g. roof, walls, doors, windows, paths) in good repair. Keep the interior of the building (e.g. ceilings, doors, floors) in good repair. Ensure supplies of gas, water & electricity are in good working order. Maintain kitchen & bathroom equipment & drainage.  Maintain shared areas like entrances & stairways and/or common areas.

We expect you to

Treat your home with care.


Remember, you may be charged for repair or damage that does not count as fair wear & tear. 


Report repair problems to us as soon as possible.


Replace minor items like tap washers, light bulbs, toilet seats, shower heads & hoses.

Keep your home decorated, at least & not more than every five years. (Please talk to the office as regards assistance that might be offered as regards this important requirement).

Who is responsible for what?


Accidental or malicious damage.


Adjusting doors for carpets.

Batteries in smoke detectors.

Bath panels.

Blockage to sinks / baths & wash hand basins.


Blocked toilets.


Carpets / flooring

Chimney sweeping.

Condensation, unless due to building fault.



Damage due to forced entry by police or emergency services

or government agents.


Decorating - internal.


Draught excluder.

Gardening & trees.

Hat & coat rails.

Hot water cylinder jackets.

Light bulbs, tubes & starter.

Keys (lost or stolen) & associated lock changes.


Pest control.


Plaster, Except minor cracks.

Plugs & chains to sinks, baths & wash hand basins.


Satellite dishes, except communal aerials.

Shower heads & hoses.

Tenants own fixtures & fittings.

TV Aerials.


Window Cleaning


Who is responsible for what?



Boundary walls

Communal areas to flats.


Electrical wiring & fittings.

Fences - Boundary (next to public right of way).


Fences – Dividing

Garden walls

Gas central heating systems & fires.


Glazing installation.

Guttering & down pipes.

Locks to front door (Latch only) & windows.


Kitchen units.



Timber sheds.

Toilet pans & cisterns.


How soon will your repair be completed?

Repairs are prioritised into three categories, each with a target response time. Whilst most repairs will be dealt with in the timescales shown below, we will confirm the target time for your repair when you initially report it.

Emergency Repairs Category A

These are repairs that present an immediate risk to safety, security or health. We aim to respond to emergency repairs within 24 hours.


Repairs that fall within this category include:


Blocked flue to open fire or boiler.

Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack or toilet pan (where there is no other toilet in property).


Blocked toilet (where there is only one toilet in the property).

Boarding up for security.

Burst to water supply / loss of supply (total or partial).

Fire door closures.

Gas leaks / supply failure (total or partial).

Leak from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern.


Leaking roof (make safe in 24 hours/complete in 5 days subject to weather conditions).

Loose or detached banister or handrail.

Loss of electricity (total or partial).

Rotten timber flooring or stair tread or banister rail.

Total or partial loss of space or water heating (31st October to 1st May).


Unsafe power, lighting, electrical fitting (where there is immediate danger).


Urgent Repairs Category B

These are repairs, which cause substantial inconvenience.

We aim to respond to urgent repairs within 5 working days.

Repairs that fall within this category include:


Door entry phone not working.


Extractor fan to internal kitchen or bathroom not working.


Externally leaking overflows.

Defective light fittings/sockets.

Insecure external window, door or lock.


Manhole covers (make safe in 24 hours / complete in 5 days).


Minor plumbing leaks eg waste pipes/radiator valves.

Tap which cannot be turned.

Total or partial loss of space or water heating (30th April to 1st November).

Routine Repairs Category C

These are day to day repairs which do not cause serious inconvenience. We aim to respond to routine repairs within 28 days.


Repairs that fall within this category include:




Cupboard / sink units.

Internal doors / fittings.

Boundary fencing / gates.

Floor / wall tiling.









Window adjustment.


Where certain repairs listed under Category A & B are not completed on time you may have the right to be compensated under the Right to Repair.

Will you be charged for any repairs?

Yes, you may have to pay for a repair for example.


If you have caused the damage that makes the repair necessary. An example might be if you have blocked the WC with nappies or sanitary products including wet wipes or poured oils or fats down plug holes that congeals causing blockages.


If you leave the property in disrepair when you end your tenancy. For example leaving behind rubbish, missing light fittings or removing any item that was there prior to your tenancy.


If you do not keep arrangements made with a contractor or refuse them access.


You will also be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing items that are Arneway Housing Co-operative’s responsibility but have been damaged accidentally, maliciously or deliberately by you, or a visitor to your home.

Where a repair or replacement is carried out to safeguard & (Latch only)protect our property from damage that has been caused by you, we will recharge you the cost of such work.


What if your repair is not completed on time?

First, communicate with us & we will check why there is a delay. The contractor may have experienced difficulty gaining access to complete the repair or there may be delays in obtaining replacement parts. Our customer services advisers will arrange for the contractor to contact you direct to explain any delay & make arrangements for the works to be completed.

If having spoken with us you are still not happy with the reasons given you do have the right to complain.

Please write to the Co-operative, as set out in the complaints procedure, giving details of the repair, when it was reported etc. We will look into the matter & reply in writing.


Will your repair be inspected?

If we are unable to determine the exact nature of the repair when it is reported we may need our technical staff to inspect the problem before the work is ordered. You will be advised if this is the case when you initially report the repair.


We may inspect all repairs where the cost is expected to exceed £500. We do this to ensure repairs are being correctly ordered & to check that our contractors are providing value for money & are completing repairs to a required standard. You will be advised if the repair you have reported is to be inspected.

Contractor performance is monitored further by customer services advisers contacting residents & asking them to take part in a telephone survey. We survey 10% of all completed repairs.

These surveys provide an opportunity for you to comment on the service you have received. Your views are important & your participation is much appreciated. 

if you feel that more information could be added to this section please contact us.

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Reporting cannot be easier, please register for one of our what app groups so we can respond promptly. You can always call the office (0208 965 5537) to discuss any issue you have so we can help resolve it, or email us from the link below.

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