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We supply you a minimum latch lock, you may wish to fit your own locks, We do not keep copies of your keys. You are responsible for any lost keys and replacement locks. When there is a shared front door and a key is lost please contact the office so we can advise as to the necessary steps for replacement. 


Security covers many of topics, We have listed out useful issue, from information regarding your tenancy to what happens if you lose your keys or someone you don't know knocks at your door.

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Arneway homes are provided with at least a night latch for the front door of your home. You may want to fit more locks on doors and windows for extra security.

If door keys are lost or get locked out of your home, you must arrange for someone to change the lock. If you have any difficulties, a locksmith may be provided to do the work for you chargeable the full cost.

If you share a front door with others, it is against fire regulations to fit certain types of locks. You must always consult us before changing a lock or fitting a new lock on a shared front door.

To stay safe in your home, you must check the identity of all callers before you let them in. Our staff carry identity cards with photographs that they should show you, as should representatives from other organisations such as gas and electricity companies and the local council. We also tell our contractors to carry identity cards that they should show you. If you are suspicious of any person who calls at your home, do not let them in and call the Police or the organisation that they claim to represent.

If you want advice on what else you can do to protect your home, contact the crime prevention officer at your local police station. Your housing officer may also be able to advise you about other help that may be available.